Mother's Day Brunch

Sunday brunch and live music on Mother's Day, May 8th, 2011! We have partnered with AHA and Farm It Forward to benefit community supported agriculture. From the press release:

"Market will host brunch on May 8, Mother’s Day, from 10 am-3 pm, and feature the Farm It Forward Frittata and Strawberry Mint Julep, made with all local ingredients donated by local farms Ben’s Produce and New Grass Gardens. All proceeds from the frittata and the drink will be donated to support Farm It Forward shares for community members in need. Ben’s Produce also will sell flowers and bedding plants at Market on May 8 to raise funds for the program."

We will have a live band to go on at 12. In addition to the special Frittata and Strawberry Mint Julep, our menu is posted below*:


French Quarter Style Beignets $7
drizzled with local honey

Stuffed Chai French Toast $10
Honey ricotta stuffed french toast with a chai tea reduction, served with a side of sweet glazed bacon or vegan sausage

Farm Hand Eggs Benedict $11
sweet potato biscuits topped with shredded pork BBQ with a poached egg and side of stone ground grits

Whole Wheat Pancakes $9
 pancakes with an apple thyme compote served with a side of sweet glazed bacon or vegan sausage (vegan)

Farmers Market Frittatas $10
prepared with local eggs and vegetables topped with Hollandaise and served with side of fruit quinoa (vegetarian)

Grits and "Grillades" $12
creamy stone ground grits topped with house made duck sausage and mushroom gravy

Strawberry Mascarpone Crepe $9
seasoned strawberry and mascarpone crepes topped with a balsamic crème anglaise and served with sweet glazed bacon or vegan sausage (vegetarian)

Vegan potato and “chorizo” hash $9
potato hash, onions, peppers and marinated tofu scrambled with vegan "chorizo" and dressed with tomato chutney and a side of fruit quinoa (vegan)

Huevos Mercado $12
slow roasted goat, black beans, sunny side up eggs, salsa verde, avocado, and queso fresco atop fresh corn tortillas




* Subject to change based on quantity and availability